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Get ready for the best art classes near me when you join Eastside Pottery and take part in our upcoming workshops. Our new studio is spacious and well-equipped, the ideal space to create, and since we’re open 24-hours a day, you can visit any time you feel motivated. Stop by our studio located at 6825 176th Ave NE A220 in Redmond for a first-hand tour of Washington area’s first 24/7 pottery studio.

Q: Where can I find the best art classes in my area?

A: We recommend attending weekly classes in the Redmond Art Work Space to make sure our 24/7 studio is available for our members, however, from time to time we’ll be holding workshops at Eastside Pottery. You can see a workshop calendar on our website.

Q: What makes Eastside Pottery the best artist studio in Seattle, WA?

A: Unlike other work spaces that are primarily reserved for ‘best Seattle art classes’, we’ve decided to switch things up a bit at Eastside Pottery. You can find ceramics classes in any studio, but what you won’t find anywhere else is a place where you can go to create whenever the mood hits. Join our studio at the Mainstay Level and gain unlimited access to pottery wheels, work tables, kilns, glazes, and clay.

Q: Can I learn art in Seattle, WA at Eastside Pottery?

A: Certainly! We plan to hold workshops twice monthly in our studio; Mainstay members will get to take part in one free workshop every quarter. Enthusiast members will have priority access to workshops over non-members.

Q: Can anyone create at Eastside Pottery?

A: Only active members and visitors with guest passes who are 18 and older can access the studio. We recommend taking children and teens to the Redmond Art Works for creating as a family.

Q: Can I run my pottery shop from your studio?

A: Eastside Pottery was designed as a workspace for the new or seasoned artist, but not for full-time artists who intend on selling their work. While we have no plans on limiting the number of pieces you fire each month, full-time artists have specific needs that we can meet outside of our memberships. Get in touch with our staff for additional information.

Q: Do I have to bring my pottery tools home between sessions?

A: Eastside Pottery has a limited number of locker spaces available to rent. Inquire about renting a locker during membership orientation.

Q: Why is Redmond Art Work recommended for the best pottery classes near me instead of Eastside Pottery?

A: Our intention when creating a 24-hour workspace was to have ample space for members who want to use the equipment provided in our studio. Filling up studio time at Eastside Pottery would take time and space away from paying members who want access to the pottery wheels and tables.

Q: How do I find out more about becoming a member at Eastside Pottery or about upcoming art classes near me?

A: Use the convenient contact form on our website to reach out to us and someone will respond shortly with tour information.

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Art Classes Near Me

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