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Art classes in Seattle for adults all look more or less the same; without access to a well-equipped work space to create on your own, it’s difficult to explore your passion. If you need more than a couple of hours in the studio twice a month, Eastside Pottery has the perfect creative ceramics space designed just for you. Our 24-hour studio is open to adults 18 and over, offering 24-hour access to the pottery wheels, work tables, kilns, and tools of the trade. Sign up and start doing what you love best- creating on your terms.

3 Reasons to Join Eastside Pottery as a Member

1. You can finally complete ceramics projects instead of getting half-way through them in one of the art classes in Seattle for adults or with online art instructors. One of the most commonly expressed complaints we hear from artists is not having enough time in the studio. If that describes your situation, becoming a member at EP will change that forever. Join at a membership level that reflects your passion for ceramics and use our studio as often as you need to:

  • 16 hours monthly at the Enthusiast Level
  • Unlimited studio access 24-hours a day at the Mainstay Level

2. Are you tired of taking art courses online and having an artist tell you how you should feel, think, work, etc? Our work space will give you the freedom to explore on your own, with occasional workshops available to members to keep you growing in your passion. Learn new skills and techniques by taking part in our workshops; as a Mainstay Member, you’ll receive one free workshop each quarter as a perk. The best online art teachers are unable to keep you motivated- you’ll need a spacious work area with the right equipment.

3. A move from the internet to our studio will significantly improve your style. Instead of playing reruns from art instructors online, you can become a part of our creative community, learn from other artists at EP, and develop your own style as a ceramics artist. As you step away from your ‘learn art online’ methods and get involved with our studio, you’ll start to see a big improvement in your results.

Our workshops will keep you inspired and on the right track while becoming the artist you always knew you were. Raku firing will be a recurring theme at Eastside Pottery’s workshops, however, we’ll be teaching additional techniques and skills, as well. Be sure to purchase workshop tickets in advance to reserve your space.

Art classes in Seattle for adults have their place and their time while you’re learning the basics of pottery, but in time, you’ll most likely find that you’ve become more knowledgeable than most local instructors. If you need a way to spread your wings and fly, Eastside Pottery’s 24-hour adult work space is the perfect place to create to your heart’s content. Join at the Mainstay level and visit our studio as often as you like, with no restrictions.


Art Classes Seattle Adults

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Art Classes Seattle Adults

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