Pottery Studio Near Me

Are you still looking for the perfect pottery studio near me? Forget about overpriced private classes that only allow you limited access to the tools of your trade. Sign up for a membership at Eastside Pottery at the Mainstay Level and you’ll be given 24-hour access to our studio through keyless entry. Get your feet wet with our Enthusiast Membership and enjoy 16 hours of access per month. Whichever you choose, you’ll find our adult ceramics workspace to be affordable and convenient.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Eastside Pottery

1. Work at your own pace. Instead of being rushed through a two-hour class or having to meet a deadline imposed by your instructor, you’re free to work when you want, at your own speed. Mainstay Members always have access to our studio, day and night, so you can create when it fits your schedule. Join at the Enthusiast Level and you’ll still have wide access to our workspace- as late as 9pm Tuesday through Thursday and 7pm on Fridays, with Saturday and Sunday access until 5pm.

2. Take part in one free workshop each quarter as a Mainstay member to learn new skills and participate in group events that will give you inspiration and motivation. You can see upcoming workshops on our website, along with additional information about membership at Eastside Pottery.

Regardless of how involved you want to be in our studio, you’ll always have full ceramic studio access, including pottery wheels and work tables, kiln for low & mid range firings, basic glazes, slab roller and hand tools, and access to a variety of clay bodies.

3. If you’re looking for a ceramic workspace that will allow you to become the best artist you can be, Eastside Pottery is the right choice. Online art instructors cannot offer as much value as hands-on pottery and ceramics in our studio.

In-Person Ceramics is Better Than Art Courses Online

Even the best online art teachers can only offer you so much in the way of instruction; there comes a time when you have to leave the comfort of your home and get involved in a community project where you’ll meet the best and brightest artists in your area, doing what you love to do. If you feel as though art instructors online leave something to be desired, we invite you to become a member at Eastside Pottery- join at the membership level that’s right for you.

  • Enthusiast Membership: try our studio for a month and see what we have to offer; for just $149 per month you’ll have access to our workspace and tools for 16 hours each month.
  • Mainstay Membership: Our $249 per month early enrollment special is an excellent bargain for what you’ll get with your membership. Come by any time of the day or night to work in our creative space, use our tools, and enjoy numerous perks at the Mainstay Level.

If you have questions, feel free to contact our staff or continue to explore the resources on our website to see why we are the best pottery studio near me.

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Pottery Studio Near Me

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